The O2Fast Portable Emergency Oxygen System is a revolutionary product which uses two dry, inert powders to create medical oxygen. O2Fast allows a parent, bystander or the victim him/herself to administer lifesaving oxygen in event of a medical emergency, while waiting for first responders to arrive.

  • Benefits and Features:

    (1) Safety: Powders are dry and inert until the knob is turned, instantly creating medical grade oxygen. There is no explosion hazard, no fire hazard, no environmental hazard, and no toxicity hazard. (2) No Training Required: A simple turn of the knob starts the oxygen. Ease of use makes the product ideal for lay person use. (3) No maintenance required. (4) No hydrostatic testing required. (5) Can be shipped "rescue ready." (6) No prescription required (OTC). (8) No licenses or permits required. (9) Can be placed in any public access venue or private venue. (10) Can be used in ANY medical emergency, prior to the arrival of first responders. (11) It is also ideal for placement right next to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for post-resuscitation use in a cardiac arrest incident.

  • Applications:

    The O2Fast system is ideal to preposition in any public or private venue to enhance emergency preparedness. The product is used by a bystander, colleague, family member or sometimes even the patient him/herself - to "bridge the gap" between the onset of a medical emergency and the time first responders arrive on the scene. In the process, it can improve medical outcomes, and it complements the efforts of the first responders. Used typically by a lay rescuer, but also frequently used by nurses, coaches/athletic directors, trainers, security personnel, fire marshals, and so forth. It can be used in ANY medical emergency, including, but not limited to:

    • breathing difficulties / shortness of breath

    • asthma attack (in conjunction with a bronchodilator, as applicable)  /  allergy emergencies  /  COPD exacerbation

    • cardiac arrest (post-resuscitation)  /  heart attack  /  stroke  /  chest pain

    • heat exhaustion  /  sports emergencies

    • hypoxia/altitude sickness

    • migraine attacks

    • poisoning/overdose

    • diabetic emergencies

    • smoke inhalation /  seizures  /  fainting  /  dehydration   / near drowning  /  hyperthermia  /  injury with trauma  /  burn victims

    • civil emergencies  /  pandemic readines  /  mass casualty situations

    • other medical, general or civil emergencies. 

  • Product Specifications:

    • Oxygen Flow Rate:   High Flow - A minimum of 6 liters per minute (LPM) for a minimum of 15 minutes

    • Oxygen Volume: 90+ standard liters (up to 140 liters)

    • Oxygen Purity: 99%+ (rest is moisture for comfort)

    • Height:  12" (30.5 CM)

    • Width:   10" (25.4 CM)

    • Depth:    6" (15.2 CM)

    • Weight: 11 lbs.

    • Standby Temperature: Between 70°F and 86°F

    • Operating Temperature: Between 40°F and 160°F

    • Cartridge Shelf Life: 2 Years

    • Colors: Housing body, light blue. Dust cover, white. 

  • Easy to Use - 2 Step Actuation:

  • See our 90-second Explainer Video:


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