The Replacement Cartridge for the O2Fast System is completely self-contained, disposable and easy to replace, and provides a minimum of 6 liters per minute for a minimum of 15 minutes of medically pure (USP) oxygen.

  • How does the Refill Cartridge Work?

    The O2Fast Replacement Cartridge is completely disposable and easy to replace. The cartridge easily slides into the reusable outer housing. It has a handle that flips down when you close the housing lid, or flips up for easy lifting out of the housing. Each cartridge produces in excess of 15 minutes of medically pure (USP) oxygen at a minimum flow rate of 6 liters per minute (LPM). Each cartridge stores two proprietary powders that are dry and inert until the device is activated, bringing the powders in contact with each other. Once in contact with each other, medically pure (USP) oxygen is produced.

    The cartridge is shipped with our standard Mask/Tray, which allows you to replace both these single-use items after use and to place your O2Fast system back in service. The oxygen mask, with an easy quick connect, is stored neatly under the green cover so that it can be quickly accessed in the event of an emergency. The cartridge is also shipped with 2 red Safety Tabs, which you must remove prior to closing the lid of your reusable Outer Housing (in fact, the lid won't close unless you remove these Safety Tabs). 

  • Easy replacement:

  • Safety Features:

    • Completely self-contained

    • Safety Tabs for shipping

    • New rigid jacket for improved handling & protection

    • New window showing expiry date (no touch visibility)

    • Handle for cartridge replacement & disposal

    • Temperature indicator to show if cartridge is used

    • Valves to control over-pressure (with fail-over protection) 

This information does not constitute an offer for sale in any market, jurisdiction or country where regulatory clearance or approval is not obtained for such sale. 

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